Friday, May 8, 2009

All About the CCC in Colorado

An ambitious post title for a brand new blog! Here we'll plan to bring you news and views of the Civilian Conservation Corps, as it existed in Colorado during the 1930s. We'll also provide updates as more current information becomes available for the CCC heritage today.

The biggest news to start off with is that we are hosting Colorado's first(?) CCC national reunion and gathering this fall. Alumni of the original CCC have been meeting annually since 1978, preparing for this New Deal program's 50th reunion year in 1983. They came from around the country to attend these events, several hundred strong. As their numbers dwindle, those of us in later generations must take up the torch. A new national organization, CCC Legacy, has been formed to remember their accomplishments.

Preliminary information on the Mile High CCC Legacy Gathering, October 8-10, 2009, is available now at the links below and will be updated here as new plans are in place.

Event Information and Registration (from the CCC Legacy national newsletter)
Registration form only

(CCC Legacy pages are available here courtesy of the national CCC Legacy organization.)

Below are earlier CCC-related posts imported from other blogs for reference, with their original dates of publication.

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