Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardner, Colorado

The "Boys" of Company 1844 were stationed at Gardner, Colorado, Camp DF-46-C, where the company was organized, from July 1934 to June 1935. The company then moved to Walden, Colorado, and occupied Camp F-52-C. In October that year, they moved again to Elbert (Camp SCS-9-C), where the company disbanded October 23rd.

These photos show part of the company, above, and the camp view, below.

Gardner is located southwest of Pueblo, Colorado, with the distant Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Blanca Peak) on the horizon. Although I can't find the exact camp location, I think that must be Sheep Mountain and Little Sheep Mountain in the background closer to the camp.

Enrollees: The Colorado State Archives database lists names of only a few men who served in this camp, all from Pueblo or Huerfano counties:
  • Addington, Burch Ortella
  • Coco, John J
  • Grisham, Ball H L
  • Quintana, Philip
  • Renteria, Jess
  • Visich, Nick

According to the CCC Legacy database for Colorado, Company 2134 occupied this camp (labeled F-46 in that listing) beginning in July 1938. For an index of camp designation abbreviations, see this list.

Note: Other helpful links at CSA are: index of photographs, history of CCC in Colorado.

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